The use of polishing brightener cannot be ignored in surface grinding and polishing

Update:28 Jun 2021

People's quality of life is constantly improving, and people's requirements for materials are getting higher and higher. When purchasing goods, the requirements from appearance to internal quality are becoming more and more demanding. The appearance of the product is the element that attracts customers. Therefore, the appearance quality of the product should be as refined as the internal quality of the product. Now, people's requirements for products are no longer easy to use, but also good-looking, such as the surface finish and brightness of the product. Therefore, whether the appearance of the product is beautiful has become an element of the product. To make the appearance of the product bright, clean and beautiful, it is essential to perform a series of surface treatments on the product during the production process. Simple and fast surface treatment equipment, grinding and polishing machines are a good choice. The combination of grinding and polishing equipment and grinding materials can process the surface of the product into a beautiful and bright surface. For example, the grinding brightener in the grinding material is of great significance in the grinding and polishing treatment.

As the grinding and polishing treatment of the product surface, the grinding and polishing machine has good effects in terms of speed, staffing, and uniform surface quality. When using a grinding and polishing machine to perform surface treatment on a workpiece or product, you only need to equip it with the corresponding polishing and grinding materials, such as polishing abrasives. The grinding and polishing abrasives are used as surface grinding and polishing media to remove oxide scales, edges and corners on the surface of the workpiece. It can also make the surface of the workpiece bright as new. As an auxiliary agent used in grinding and polishing, the polishing slurry is beneficial to prevent unnecessary scratches and bruises on the surface of the workpiece due to the grinding movement. It is a necessary material for surface treatment. Abrasive brightener is a very important material for surface mirror polishing. It can change the surface quality of the workpiece and is a good additive to improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

With the continuous development and improvement of surface grinding and polishing technology, grinding brighteners play an increasing role in the grinding and polishing industry, because grinding brighteners directly affect the look and quality of the polished product surface. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the use of abrasive brighteners in products.
Grinding brighteners play an important role in the grinding and polishing industry. The surface of the product after adding an appropriate amount of polishing agent during the grinding and polishing process is completely different from the product surface without adding the polishing agent. The appearance of the product after polishing with the polishing agent is as bright as new, and the polishing agent is not added. The surface of the obtained product is dull and even severely black will appear on the surface of the workpiece. Therefore, when grinding and polishing the surface of the product, the use of polishing brightener cannot be ignored.


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