Plastic Finishing Media

Mass Polishing plastic media is another type of abrasive media that is commonly used in mass finishing processes. It is made from softer materials, such as polyurethane or nylon, and is effective at removing light burrs and other surface imperfections. Plastic media is commonly used for polishing and deburring operations, and is known for its ability to produce a high-gloss finish on the surface of the parts.

Plastic Finishing Media Manufacturers

Huzhou Lucky Bridge Polishing Co., Ltd is China Plastic Finishing Media Manufacturers and Plastic Finishing Media factory, provides a complete and perfect solution when solving product surface treatment problems for our customers. We make the most reasonable choices for finishing machine, finishing media and finishing compound based on the material performance, structural shape, size, surface state and final surface requirement of the Plastic Finishing Media. Mass Polishing will meet the customer’s requirements for the surface treatment of different Plastic Finishing Media online and the technology provided can fully enable customers to obtain various processing effects.