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Mass Polishing vibratory dryer is a type of industrial drying equipment that uses vibration to dry materials. It typically consists of a vibrating platform and a drying chamber, where the materials are placed. The vibrating motion of the platform helps to shake off excess moisture and promote faster drying. A hot air centrifugal dryer is another type of industrial drying equipment. It uses hot air to dry materials and typically consists of a rotating drum or basket where the materials are placed. As the drum or basket rotates, hot air is blown through the materials, removing moisture and drying them. They are particularly useful for drying materials that are heat-sensitive or prone to sticking or clumping.

Dryers Manufacturers

Established in the 1990s, Huzhou Lucky Bridge Polishing Co., Ltd is one of the earliest China Dryers Manufacturers and Dryers Factory, We have our own factory that produces all kinds of surface treatment products online, including vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal barrel machine, centrifugal disc machine, wholesale Dryers, etc. Because of the high-quality products and customized solutions, we have long-term cooperation with the world-famous brands of Chinese processing plants. Like Bosch, Apple, Saint-Gobain, Mahle, SIEMENS, Ingersoll Rand, BYD, Nissine, Medtronic..Over 25 years’ surface treatment experience in the area, we have the lowest cost and best technology to our customers. We are proud of our professional advice, quality machine, fast technical delivery, and trusted after- sales service.

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