The development trend and prospects of the polishing machine industry

Update:25 Jun 2021

The polishing machine is mainly suitable for the fast and high-quality processing of cylindrical and conical workpieces such as electric kettles, coffee pots, vacuum cups, pressure cooker inner tanks, soymilk barrels and other stainless steel electric cookers in the small home appliance industry. . Jiangmen Xinbeili Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and production of sand grinding machines and polishing machines. Since the establishment of the company, it has been continuously committed to research and development and shaping the ability to concentrate. In order to meet the processing needs of various workpieces, Shunzong has developed a full range of models.
This kind of equipment is relatively simple to operate, has low technical requirements for operators, and has a series of advantages such as increasing production power, reducing labor intensity, saving production costs, and improving product quality.

With the advancement of the Industry 4.0 era and the call of "machine substitution", efficient production, intelligent operation and unmanned management have become the development trend, which should also be the mainstream development direction of my country's automatic polishing machine.
The transformation of the automatic polishing machine has gradually revealed its strong development momentum, and the automation and intelligence of the equipment will be greatly improved.
At the same time, production companies are about to bring the test of industry transformation and upgrading. Automatic polishing machines play a key role in the quality, appearance, sales, circulation, use and cost of hardware. At home and abroad, especially in Europe and America, more and more attention is paid to the research and development of hardware polishing machines.
With the continuous expansion of the domestic polishing industry, traditional polishing equipment can no longer meet the needs of the rapid development of the industry. In addition, the introduction of a compulsory certification system in my country has greatly improved the requirements of domestic hardware production, and has also stimulated the continuous increase in the demand for automatic and intelligent automatic polishing machinery from polishing enterprises in various regions.
Under the changing trend of the general environment, the automatic polishing machine that is diversified, has a variety of switching functions, and can adapt to a variety of materials and mold replacements can meet the needs of the market.
And Huatuo has also gradually broken the "small and scattered" industry trend, and is constantly advancing in the direction of "high precision". The technology is moving towards the diversification of mechanical functions, the structure design is standardized and modular, the control is intelligent, and the structure is high-precision Development in several directions, such as technology, has greatly improved the quality and intelligence of equipment, and better met the needs of the market.
In the future, the automatic polishing machine industry will follow the trend of industrial automation and develop in the direction of diversification of mechanical functions, standardization and modularization of structural design, intelligent control, and high-precision structure.
The polishing machine industry has great development prospects. If you want to enhance the competitiveness of polishing equipment, you must continuously improve the production technology of the enterprise, innovate the thinking mode, change the development concept, and adapt to the constantly changing environment.


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