• [Q]:How Does the Finishing Process Work?

    [A]:Put the workpieces, media, compound, and water into the machine in a certain proportion. In the finishing process, media will grind/deburr or polish the workpieces. Meanwhile, compound and water will keep workpieces and media cleaning.

  • [Q]:How Long Do the Finishing Process?

    [A]:We need to evaluate the overall status of the product, such as the uniform appearance, traces on the surface, and customers’ requirements Get in sample trial and customer feedback: Do deburring process costs 20 minutes to 2 hours per batch usually. Do polishing process costs 25 minutes to 1 hour per batch usually.

  • [Q]:Is Easy to Operate Your Mass Finishing Machine?

    [A]:Yes, the machine is very easy to operate, and we also guide you how to use at first time.

  • [Q]:How to Choose the Size and Type of Mass Finishing Machines?

    [A]:About Size, we need to learn the size of the workpiece and the output per time. About Type, we need to learn the materials of workpieces and your finishing requirements. Therefore, you just send us the workpieces pictures, we can help you to choose the correct machine and solution.

  • [Q]:What is Your Mass Finishing Machine Finishing Process Method?

    [A]:Deburring, Polishing, Radiusing, Degreasing, Cleaning, Smoothing, Fine Polishing, Mirror Polishing, Super Finishing, Isotropic Finishing, Ball Burnishing, Derusting, Descaling, Pickling, etc.

  • [Q]:How Many Workpieces Can Be Processed at One Time?

    [A]:We can provide an appropriate ratio of workpieces and media. Meanwhile, if you provide the size of parts and which machine you need, we can tell you how many workpieces can be processed at one time. For example, a 300L vibratory machine needs 200kg media; 400L needs 250kg media, etc. Therefore, we are interested in your workpieces’ data, then provide a better solution.

  • [Q]:What is Your Packaging Way?

    [A]:About machine, strong plywood for only one set. About media, 25kgs per woven bag, 1000kgs per pallet. About compound, 50kgs per plastic barrel

  • [Q]:How Do You Control the Quality of Mass Finishing Machines?

    [A]:Laser Cutting → Welding → Shot Blasting → PU Casting → Painting → Testing We use high-quality raw materials and control every production step strictly. After production, we will test all parts, especially the running of motor and PU quality. We promise that the machine has excellent performance. The warranty period of our machine is two years, in case of non-human damage.

  • [Q]:What are Your Price Terms?

    [A]:FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DDU, DAP Price mainly. If you need delivered price (DDU, DAP), you may have to wait 1-2 days.

  • [Q]:How to Choose the Size and Type of Consumables?

    [A]:We produce all kinds of high-quality media: plastic media, ceramic media, porcelain media, zirconia media, stainless steel media, and special media (3P, walnut shells, corn cob). Plastic media is used for deburring of aluminum, zamak 3 alloy, etc. Ceramic media has two types: ceramic deburring media, ceramic polishing media. Porcelain media and zirconia media is widely used for fine polishing and mirror polishing. Stainless steel media offer deburring and polishing process. According to the size and material of workpieces, we will choose the suitable size and type. We also need to consider the cost and loss of the product.

  • [Q]:What is the Nearest Port?

    [A]:Shanghai port, Ningbo port.

  • [Q]:How Do You Control the Quality of Consumables?

    [A]:Starting with the mixing ratio of raw materials, until the sorting of impurities. We have mastered the points that need attention in each step. The low loss, high grinding capacity and high polishing ability of media are our advantages.

  • [Q]:What is Your Payment Method?

    [A]:T/T usually, we also accept Paypal. We provide all customers with Trade Assurance Order. “PQS” Protection (Payment Protection, Quality Protection, Shipping Protection)

  • [Q]:How Long is Your Lead Time?

    [A]:We will arrange shipment within 12 days after payment. 15 days ready to leave at Shanghai port or Ningbo port.

  • [Q]:Which Certificates do You Have?

    [A]:ISO9001:2015, CE, SGS, Safe Transportation Report, etc.

  • [Q]:Can You Provide Sample Finishing Process?

    [A]:Yes, we provide FREE sample finishing process. Mass Polishing does not charge any service fee for sample trial. Please contact us info@masspolishing.com

  • [Q]:Can I Choose Our Country Voltage?

    [A]:Yes, we provide many voltage types. Our sales will ask about voltage.

  • [Q]:Can You Provide Cleaning System?

    [A]:Yes, we also make the cleaning system, it is also named waste water treatment.

  • [Q]:Can You OEM the Tumbling Media?

    [A]:Yes, we offer OEM solutions for tumbling media. You just send us the media sample, we will make a testing report then we talk it.

  • [Q]:Can I Reduce the Noise of Vibratory Finishing Machine?

    [A]:Yes, we can make a soundproof cover to reduce the noise.