Importance of choosing three-dimensional vibration grinder

Update:07 Jul 2021

1. Grinding machine
  In the surface treatment, the commonly used machines are the vibration grinder, the three-dimensional vibration grinder, the barrel grinder, the centrifugal grinder, and the vortex polishing machine. Among them, the vibration grinder and the barrel grinder are the most widely used. The oscillating grinder is easy to operate and is used for small, medium and large batch processing of various parts; the barrel grinder is an economical grinding and polishing machine. The parts and grinding media rotate horizontally in the closed drum during operation, and the speed is relatively high. Slow, often used for small size, thinner parts, especially those parts with larger planes. It is easy to stack with the vibration grinding machine, which is more suitable for drum grinding machines. The practice of centrifugal grinding machines is the high-speed drum light Decorating machine, it is generally driven by a large plate to drive four centrifugal polishing barrels (there are also two small machines) high-speed rotation, high friction, good polishing effect, often used in oscillating polishing machine, drum type polishing machine is not easy to process small Parts; the eddy current machine is also a high-speed polishing machine. After the chassis rotates, it forms a strong flow friction movement, which is used for the removal, deburring and polishing of small parts.
  2. Customer Workpiece
  Parts with different raw materials, parts with different specifications, and parts with different requirements also require the deployment of different machines and grinding media. For example, if the die-cast zinc alloy parts need to be descaled, resin grinding stones should be used; while the stamped stainless steel parts need to be sharpened and deburred, then brown corundum grinding stones with high cutting force should be used.
  3.grinding materials
Grinding materials include grinding stones, polishing stones, abrasives, gloss agents, cleaning agents and other grinding and polishing materials. Each material has its own application range. For example, plastic grinding stones are used for materials with softer materials, such as aluminum, zinc, and copper. , Plastics, etc.; ceramic grindstones are used for materials with hard raw materials, such as iron, stainless steel, white iron, steel, etc.; for parts where the raw material for polishing is iron, iron gloss agent is required, and for parts where the raw material for polishing is copper, it is required Copper gloss agent, hand tool cutting agent is used for all kinds of wrenches, sockets, and nozzles to remove black film and scale. If used for other parts, it may corrode and damage parts.


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