The polishing machine fails, how to repair it

Update:03 Dec 2021

Long service life or improper operation of personnel are the reasons for the failure of the external polishing machine. When the external polishing machine fails, it will directly affect the use. Therefore, in order not to affect its normal use, maintenance work must be carried out in time. So, how to carry out the maintenance work of the cylindrical polishing machine? Here is a detailed maintenance plan for several common problems.
Replacement of beam supporting roller
After the equipment has been used for a certain number of years, due to the frequent reciprocating swing of the beam, its supporting rollers will cause wear and tear, which will cause mechanical movement failures, and must be replaced at an appropriate time. Before replacement, you must first purchase the required parts, prepare the required lifting tools or equipment, and proceed with the assistance of professionals.

Steps: 1. Disassemble the cover plates of the supports at both ends of the polishing machine; 2. Loosen the beam pressing mechanism; 3. Use the lifting tool to raise the beam; 4. Take out the worn roller row and replace it with new parts; 5. . Replace the lubricating oil in the support groove; 6. Reinstall the equipment.
Matters needing attention: Due to the high workload and difficulty of replacement and affecting production, users are requested to maintain more on the rollers, change the lubricating oil frequently, pay attention to waterproofing and slag prevention, and prolong the service life of the parts.
It is necessary to check the circuit of the polishing machine regularly. If there is a problem with the circuit of the polishing machine, such as exposed wires, short circuits, and damaged components, they need to be replaced in time to prevent the use of the polishing machine. There is a security issue in the.
The various parts of the equipment should be checked regularly and regularly. Both reinforced and functional parts need to be checked frequently. If there are loose parts, they should be reinforced immediately to prevent them from appearing during the working process of the polishing machine. Parts fall off.


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