Features and operation of vibration grinder

Update:09 Dec 2021

Features of Vibration Grinding Machine:

   1. It can grind and process many workpieces at a time, and spot check the processing conditions of parts at any time. It is automated and unmanned operation, simple and convenient operation, one person with multiple machines, greatly improving work efficiency and corporate profits.

   2. The inner lining is divided into rubber and high wear-resistant PU polyurethane elastomer (its wear resistance is 3-5 times that of rubber), the thickness is 8-15mm, and the service life is long.

  3. Use spiral tumbling flow and three-dimensional vibration principle to make parts and tumbling abrasives grind each other.

  4. The original size and shape of the part will not be damaged in the processing process, and the original shape and dimensional accuracy of the part will not be damaged after grinding. Operation method of vibrating grinder: After debugging and turning on the machine and adding abrasives, put the workpiece in the machine from less to more, and gradually increase until the rotation of the workpiece slows down. However, the workpiece cannot be moved. When the workpiece does not rotate, the product will be polished. It will also be uneven, and the polishing time will be unnecessarily lengthened. The amount of the workpiece is related to the volume of the workpiece, the volume of the workpiece, and the ratio of the grinding material.

  Before polishing, the grease on the surface of the workpiece must be cleaned. The polishing liquid cannot remove a lot of grease, otherwise the workpiece, polishing machine, and abrasives may turn black. Cleaning fluid must be used when cleaning the grinder.


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