The main reason why automatic polishing machine polishing products can not achieve the mirror effect

Update:26 Apr 2021

Many customers will encounter this problem more or less when purchasing automatic polishing machine products. It is obvious that where the polishing machine manufacturer can make the products have a mirror effect, but why can’t they get the mirror effect after buying it? Today we will talk about the main reason why the polishing products of the automatic polishing machine cannot achieve the mirror effect.

1. Abrasive problem: After buying the equipment, you should ask the previous manufacturer which brand and model of abrasive (solid wax or liquid wax) used to avoid the inability to polish the mirror effect due to the quality of the abrasive. If it is liquid wax, such as the pressure tank is not new, be sure to clean up the remaining liquid wax before filling the liquid wax to avoid mixing.

2. Process problem, here is the polishing time, (because the manufacturer has set the action flow of the automatic polishing machine before leaving the factory) some customers may adjust the speed for production efficiency when they actually use the automatic polishing machine equipment. The grinding time of each polishing process is undesirable, because the mirror effect of the metal must be polished in sufficient time to get the mirror effect.

3. Fixture problem, this problem is often encountered, because in mass production, many fixtures are often made. Generally, it is best to ask a professional fixture processing factory to make it. Don't be greedy for cheap and save money. Unless you are confident of your own technology). Once the fixture is uneven, or dirt is generated during use, it will also affect the overall polishing effect.



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