How to maintain the automatic polishing machine

Update:22 Apr 2021

Do a good job in the maintenance of the automatic polishing machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce the wear of the product, and extend the service life of the equipment.

Therefore, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the automatic polishing machine is also very important. We can only reduce the wear and tear of the equipment, reduce the polishing machine maintenance cost and other abnormal expenses during the equipment life cycle.

Automatic polishing machine

The shorter the service life of the polishing machine, the higher the reliability of the automatic polishing machine. The longer the service life, the lower the reliability.

The automatic polishing machine is prone to failure. When the equipment is severely worn, it is necessary to notify the technical department in an emergency and deal with it as soon as possible.
Although the structure of the polishing machine is different, the automatic polishing machine is easy to operate, but also pay attention to the working time: when the automatic polishing machine works for a long time, the polishing wheel has a higher frictional heat temperature, which is easy to burn the leather surface and needs to be turned off and then operated.

Before and after the automatic polishing machine works, the surface of the polishing wheel should be cleaned and waxed to make the product perfect.

The automatic polishing machine should carefully check every part. Before starting part, look for loose screws, worn parts, damaged wires, etc., and dispose of them in time.


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