Have you done it with these details of the polishing machine

Update:08 May 2021

Polishing machine is a kind of polishing machine is a kind of power tool. One of the polishing machines is a stainless steel polishing machine, which is a fine polishing equipment.
The wheels of the stainless steel polishing machine are turned to face me, and then run at full speed. Use polishing wax on the edge of the wheel for a few seconds. This is to allow the polishing wax to attach to the wheel. Then firmly hold the workpiece and lightly lean against the wheel surface, be sure to pay attention to the workpiece to be placed below the surface of the center axis of the wheel. If this is not the case, the wheels will easily throw off the workpiece.
How should we operate the stainless steel polishing machine? Is there any difference? Now I will give you the following three points about how we should operate the stainless steel polishing machine. (1) What is mentioned above is the operation of pressing the polishing wax onto the wheel. We must not use too much force. Let the wheels spin smoothly. After the polishing of the polishing machine is completed, you can stop wiping the surface with a soft cloth moistened with talcum powder. The wax must be removed, and dewaxing can be used if required. (2) The wheel surface can be touched lightly with the workpiece. This method can help to remove the acute angle of the surface. The wax can be added under the required condition, but it must be remembered that any Excessive things are not so good (3) What if the above-mentioned excess is present? If there is too much wax, we can use professional tools to stop wiping and removing it. If the effect is not very reasonable, it is best to reapply it again
The above three points are what we should pay attention to in our operations, and we should not be sloppy in every small detail. details make a difference!


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