How to improve the efficiency of the grinder

Update:04 Aug 2016

1. Choose the right grinding stone

   Commonly used polished stones, high-frequency porcelain grinding stones, high-alumina porcelain grinding stones, steel balls, brown corundum grinding stones and plastic grinding stones for burrs. Grinding stones are generally divided into meshes, which is the roughness of the stone itself. The larger the roughness = the lower the mesh number = the greater the grinding force, and the smaller the roughness = the higher the mesh number = the smaller the grinding force. , So it has an impact on the grinding power of the workpiece. As a reminder, the grinding stones will be worn out and should be replaced regularly.

2. Grinding fluid

   is the grinding aid added during grinding. A good grinding fluid can make the product grind brighter and faster. For example, our Shunjia grinding fluid, lubrication function, cooling function, anti-rust function, cleaning function-four energy in one

3. Change the water and wash the tank

  Many customers have the habit of not changing the water, that is, during the grinding process, the grinding stone will lose the powder and the workpiece will also drop iron filings. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the grinding power.

4. Grinding machine

  A grinding equipment must meet its own production value and operate according to the rules. For example, our active discharge three-dimensional vibration grinder can greatly improve the grinding power. The Taiwan motor is selected, which has fewer problems, and no problem is high power.


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