Grinding process

Update:04 Aug 2016

Sleeve grinding process (bright surface) The main material of sleeve grinding surface products is Ming vanadium steel. Of course, there are 35k materials, but the sleeve grinding process of the two materials is almost the same. Take Baozhen 600L vibration grinder as an example, the process we are currently doing is cutting and grinding

The grinding stone is high alumina porcelain grinding stone

The abrasive is highly concentrated, non-ionic abrasive cutting agent

For the quantity of grinding products, the 4mm sleeve is based on the 600L vortex machine slot, and the cutting time of 200-400 kg can be put in about 4 hours.

Put the product into a vibrator containing grinding stones, pour it into water-skiing and rinse for 2 minutes, add 8 kg of abrasive cutting agent, close the drain valve, grind until the surface of the product is white and bright, then clean it to prevent rust and remove it.

If manual selection of materials is too troublesome, use Baozhen automatic suction machine. It is selected, and the suction machine is twice as efficient as manual.


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