How to improve the overall efficiency of the vibrating polishing machine

Update:18 Aug 2021

1. Especially for the polishing of thin arms, narrow slits, and thin parts that cannot be used on the grinding machine for polishing, extra small, extra thin, and easy to deform, and cannot accept greater mechanical pressure. The original accuracy of the workpiece size accuracy, shape accuracy and position accuracy thrown by the polishing machine remains unchanged or slightly improved.  

2. After finishing polishing, the workpiece is as bright as a mirror, and the iron pipe can reach the level of stainless steel.

3. The vibration polishing machine is suitable for mass production and processing of small and medium-sized large workpieces. Its power is several times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times that of traditional polishing machines, which has major economic benefits.

4. The vibrating polishing machine has compact structure, small floor space, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and no environmental pollution. Let you work as desired and profitable. Vibration polishing machine is mainly used for the rust removal and polishing of hardware manufacturing, vibration polishing machine vehicle parts, steel and wood furniture, instrument machinery, standard parts and electroplating before and after industries. A better choice for polishing rods.
The workpiece processed by the vibrating polishing machine has high brightness and will not affect the original scale of the workpiece, which is especially suitable for the highlight polishing of the workpiece processed by the centerless grinder.
The polishing machine is mainly used in the polishing industry of hardware, electroplating, vehicle accessories, steel and wood furniture, standard parts and so on. It is your better choice for polishing outer circles, round rods, slender shafts, rods, etc. It can improve the working power, improve the surface finish of the workpiece, and make your workpiece more advanced. Scope of application: polishing industries such as iron pipes, aluminum pipes, stainless steel pipes, shafts, aluminum alloys and other metal outer round (rod) surfaces.


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