Do you know the characteristics of the vibration grinder and the effect of grinding?

Update:24 Aug 2021

The vibration grinder is aimed at the metal industry, because it is impossible to be in the same center from time to time when grinding stones. He needs vibration to reflect the position of the stone, instead of just staying in a certain area. After the vibration, the stone of the grinding disc will vibrate continuously, and the grinding effect will be relatively better. The vibration of the spiral vibration grinder is not the vibration we generally see, it is a spiral vibration, which is different from the general vibration plate.
The mechanical characteristics of the vibration grinder mainly include:

1. The amount of disposal at one time of grinding can be large, the operation is simple and convenient, and the automatic operation can be completed.

2. The lining thickness is sufficient, generally 8-15mm, so its service life is long.

3. The grinding machine adopts the two principles of spiral tossing activity and three-dimensional vibration, and then makes the contact between the parts and the abrasive better, and achieves a better grinding effect.

4. During the grinding process, it will not cause damage to the workpiece and produce an impact.

In some daily processing, products with high precision are often required to stop deep processing. If the vibration is too large, it will lead to processing failure. It is often said that the stability of the building depends on whether the foundation is well? The same is true for machine tools. If the adjustment is good, it will cause resonance of the machine tool, but the workpiece cannot be moved. When the workpiece does not rotate, the polished product will be uneven, and the polishing time will be unnecessarily lengthened.

Assuming that after the above actions, the vibration has not disappeared, we need to see whether it is the problem of grinder sanding and the fixed flange of the grinding wheel: the first is the grinding wheel. Due to the uneven quality of the grinding wheels on the market, there are generally two factors that affect the vibration of the grinding wheel. :

(1) The particle size of the grinding wheel is not uniform, and the center of gravity is unstable when it rotates, causing vibration;

(2) The inner hole is irregular and too large.

Debugging of the vibrating grinder: After turning on the machine to participate in the abrasive, put the workpiece into the machine from less to more, the number of the workpiece and the component of the workpiece are related to the volume of the workpiece, the workpiece is slowly put in and gradually added until the rotation of the workpiece slows down.


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