Take you to see the three-dimensional vibration polishing machine

Update:12 Aug 2021

The three-dimensional vibration polishing machine is a special equipment specializing in the surface finishing of the workpiece, so it is often called the vibration finishing machine. It is mostly used for surface grinding and polishing of workpieces. Because the vibration polishing machine is more, it uses vibration as the main motion to polish the surface of the workpiece, so it is named vibration polishing machine or vibration finishing machine.

   When we disassemble the motor cover of the three-dimensional vibration polishing machine, we can see the transmission source of the vibration grinding and polishing machine. It is the movement of a motor with an eccentric block, which brings power to the vibration polishing machine. This is only the source of its vibration source. For safety, no professional is present and it is not allowed to disassemble it at will to avoid danger.

We only need to know the source of the vibratory grinding power of the vibratory polisher. The three-dimensional vibration polishing machine can remove the residual micro-deformation after the material is prepared, so that the surface of the material is stress-free, and there is no need to use the hazardous electrolyte required by the electrolytic polishing machine.
The mechanical and chemical-mechanical polishing process of vibration polishing can make the damage layer of the sample surface small, and at the same time ensure that the sample surface is more smooth.

   If it is polished, oil should be put in without water, and polishing wax should also be used. Water and abrasive polishing can only polish the surface smoothly.


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