How much do you know about stainless steel polishing machine

Update:15 Dec 2021

Stainless steel polishing machine is made of polishing stainless steel abrasive,
Polishing process composed of stainless steel polishing liquid, plant abrasives and bright paste.

Stainless steel polishing machine is widely used in stainless steel textile parts, special-shaped stainless steel parts, stainless steel mechanical parts, stainless steel hardware stamping parts, stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel standard electronic parts, stainless steel instrument parts, stainless steel mobile phone parts, stainless steel auto parts, motorcycle parts, sewing machines Accessories, stainless steel hydraulic parts, stainless steel pneumatic parts, stainless steel bearings, stainless steel medical equipment, stainless steel aerospace components, stainless steel tableware and other small and medium stainless steel parts.

It is especially suitable for polishing small stainless steel parts that are extremely thin, extremely small, complex in shape, and easily deformed. The polishing machine has the characteristics of not changing the geometrical dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. It specializes in deburring, chamfering the R angle, deoxidizing, derusting, removing the tool marks, polishing, and mirror polishing of various stainless steel materials in various industries. And other technical problems, no bumps on the workpiece during polishing, and no change in the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. It is a polishing effect that cannot be achieved by manual polishing or imported polishing equipment. After finishing polishing, the surface of the workpiece can reach a mirror-brightness.

The stainless steel polishing machine is a new type of polishing equipment designed and manufactured according to the principle of planetary motion. The surface finish of the workpiece polished by this process can reach the ideal effect of 0.1---0.2. In the field of super-precision polishing, it is in an internationally advanced position.


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