600L 900L 1500L Vibratory Polishing Machine

Brand Name: Mass Polishing
Business Type: Manufacturer
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Certificates: CE
Applicable Industry: Home Use, Manufacturing Plant
Model Number: SW Series
Power Supply: Customized
Packing Details: Fumigated Wooden Case
After-sales Service: Video Technical Support, Spare Parts Support
Payment Method: T/T
Delivery Time: 7 Days (Have in Stock) 
  15-25 Days (Out of Stock)
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  • A Precision Mass Finishing Technology -- Vibratory Polishing Machine

    Vibratory Polishing Machine features a straight wall processing bowl that allows for efficient and effective polishing of various materials. The machine uses vibratory action to evenly polish surfaces, resulting in a smooth, high-quality finish. The bowl is made from durable materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use in a production setting. This machine is ideal for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and metalworking, where precision polishing is essential.


    “I don’t know how to choose the Vibratory Polishing Machine and Vibratory Tumbling Media.”

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  • Features

    >Heavy duty bowl welded from high quality steel

    >Cast polyurethane lining, not sprayed on

    >Powerful & Zero maintenance motor to increase productivity

    >Easy operation & reduced labor costs

  • Technical Data

    Model SW 600 SW 900 SW 1200 SW 1500 SW 2500
    Capacity(L/CuFt) 600 / 21.2 900 / 31.8 1200 / 42.4 1500 / 5.3 2500 / 88.3
    External Diameter Max.  (mm/inch) 1850 / 72.8 1950 / 76.8 2150 / 84.6 2340 / 92.1 2550 / 100.4
    Process Bowl  Width  (mm/inch)  400 / 15.7 560 / 22.0 550 / 21.7 640 / 25.2 650 / 25.6
    Process Bowl Depth  (mm/inch) 480 / 18.9 550 / 21.7 560 / 22.0 650 / 25.6 850 / 33.5
    Machine Height  (mm/inch) 1150 / 45.3 1350 / 53.1 1400 / 55.1 1450 / 57.1 1500 / 59.1
    Motor Power & Speed (kW & rpm) 1.5/7.5 & 1450 9.0 & 1450 11.0 & 1450 15.0 & 1450 18.5 & 1450
    PU Thickness(mm/inch) 20-23/0.8-0.9 20-23/0.8-0.9 20-23/0.8-0.9 20-23/0.8-0.9  20-23/0.8-0.9
    Weight(kg/lbs) 1200 / 2645.5 1800 / 3968.3 2300 / 5070.6 3100 / 6834.3  3700 / 8157.1



  • Optional Settings

    pneumatic soundproof cover


    Pneumatic Soundproof Cover

    manual soundproof cover


    Manual Soundproof Cover

    Specials Divider


    >Spacials divider


    control panel


    Control panels

    speed control


    >Speed controller

    water compounds control


    >Automatic liquid feeding system



    Multi-faceted manufacturing processes


    Mechanical Design

    CAD Drawing Planning

    CNC Machining

    Mechanical Design: The journey begins with the creative minds at Mass Polishing conceptualizing and refining the mechanical design of their vibratory mass finishing machines. Through years of expertise and industry knowledge, their engineers meticulously craft designs that optimize functionality, durability, and efficiency.

    CAD Drawing Planning: Once the mechanical design is finalized, Mass Polishing's team of skilled CAD designers transforms the concept into precise and detailed 3D computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. These drawings serve as the blueprint for every component, ensuring accurate manufacturing and assembly processes.

    CNC Machining: With the CAD drawings in hand, the manufacturing process shifts gears to Mass Polishing's state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining center. This cutting-edge technology enables the precise fabrication of intricate parts and components with unparalleled accuracy, consistency, and repeatability.

    laser cutting

    PU Casting

    Electric Control Box

    Laser Cutting: Mass Polishing harnesses the power of laser cutting to shape and refine various metal components. By utilizing high-powered lasers, they achieve clean and precise cuts, resulting in components that seamlessly integrate into the overall machine structure.

    PU Casting: To enhance the performance and durability of their machines, Mass Polishing employs polyurethane (PU) casting techniques. This process involves pouring liquid PU material into molds, which, when cured, forms robust and wear-resistant parts. The PU casting method ensures optimal noise reduction, extended machine lifespan, and superior finishing results. Electric Control Box: An integral aspect of every vibratory mass finishing machine, the electric control box is meticulously assembled and wired by Mass Polishing's skilled technicians. The control box houses advanced electronic components, allowing for precise control and customization of the machine's parameters, such as speed, time, and vibration intensity.


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