KT-185 Jewelry Magnetic Polisher with Adjustable Speed

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    • Magnetic tumbler voltage: 110v/ Power: 250W; Burnishing pins: 200g #5; Time control: 2-30 minutes; Two directions
    • Magnetic polisher speed: 2000rpm; Capacity: 1.32 lbs/ 600g; Roller size: 7"×4.7"(180 x 120mm); Time control: 10-60 minutes
    • Jewelry polisher finisher supplied complete with an acrylic bowl; Designed for polishing intricate details, tiny crevices, and multiple settings, but not flat surfaces
    • Magnetic tumbling is an automated polishing process that nearly eliminates the need for cyanide bombing, stripping, and thrumming
    • KT185 magnetic tumbler is suitable for light metal, non-ferrous metals, hard plastic and other precision parts, for irregular-shaped parts, hole, tubular and other dead ends, cracks, etc. Its can be polished, adjust the variable frequency, to meet a variety of polishing needs