Why glaze the surface of metal products

Update:31 Dec 2021

  Machinery parts will leave different degrees of rough surface and various surface damages on the processed surface of the product from the rough to the finished product. Such a situation may cause great defects in the appearance quality and use performance of the product itself, and also affect the accuracy and usability of the assembly machine. Therefore, the surface of the product needs to be polished and polished. Vibration grinding machine price

  Traditional grinding machines such as vibration grinding machine, centrifugal grinding, eddy current grinding, magnetic grinding, drum grinding machine and so on. It is used to grind, chamfer, and polish products of a variety of materials. However, with the development of time, the accuracy of the surface quality requirements of various industries has increased, and traditional grinding machines can no longer handle products with too high precision. Therefore, Dry glazing machines came into being. Dry glazing machines can be divided into ordinary glazing machines, high-speed multi-axis glazing machines, dry single-shaft glazing machines, vibrating dry glazing machines, vertical dry glazing machines, and multi-barrel dry glazing machines. Slippery machine and so on.
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