What Is a Drag Finishing Machine?

Update:06 May 2023

A Drag Finishing Machine is a large-scale surface finishing machine designed to grind, deburr and polish precision workpieces. These machines are capable of handling a wide variety of materials and have been used in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries for decades.

Generally, a Drag Finishing Machine is capable of grinding and polishing workpieces at a high speed, and can achieve an even finish. It can process parts of different sizes and types, and can be customized for each application.

300L 10.6CuFt vibratory finishing machine

CW300 vibratory finishing machine

The size of a drag finishing machine is typically determined by the size and quantity of the parts that need to be processed. For example, a small-sized system may be used for just-in-time batch quantities, while a large system will handle more complex and higher-volume applications.

These systems are often equipped with an automatic water filtration system to keep the media and parts clean, and a compound pump to control the concentration of lubricant in the media. A flow meter is used to determine the amount of water and compound needed to complete each step of the operation.

Choosing the correct media is important, as it affects the surface finish of the workpiece. There are thousands of tumbling media types, and each has its own characteristics.

A drag finishing machine uses several abrasive and non-abrasive media to create the desired finish on the workpiece. Based on your requirements, Huzhou Qiaoyun Grinding selects the proper tumbling media among hundreds of options.

Huzhou Qiaoyun Grinding has been customizing and manufacturing metal surface finishing equipment as well as tumbling media for over 20 years, and they will assist you throughout the entire process from sketch to a “ready-to-deliver” package.


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