Do you understand Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine?

Update:12 May 2023

The Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is a finishing machine that does a lot of things, ranging from deburring and polishing. This is done by the help of a barrel in which abrasive material are placed to create friction on the surface of the workpiece. This helps in smoothing the workpiece and removing any burrs that might have been created during the manufacturing process. It is a faster and more efficient way of finishing the workpiece than manually polishing it with the hands.

The rotation of the turret wheel generates high centrifugal force, which is almost 15 times stronger than the gravitational force. This force causes the contents of the barrel to rub against each other and gives a polished finish to the parts. It also compresses the media inside the barrel, which reduces the contact area between the abrasive materials and the parts. It also makes it possible for larger quantities of parts to be processed in a shorter time.

small vibratory finishing machine

small vibratory finishing machine

A variety of different media are used in the barrels for the finishing process. This includes ceramic media, porcelain media, plastic tumbling media, steel media and corn cob media. These can be shaped into cones, pyramids, cylinders or wedges for the best results. The size of the barrels can also be altered to increase the capacity.

Centrifugal barrel finishers generate a significant amount of heat, which means that the parts and media must be able to cool down quickly. This is why the machine must be kept in a place with good airflow and proper ventilation. It must also be regularly lubricated to increase the life of the bearings and ensure that it is functioning smoothly.


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