Operation precautions of vibrating grinder

Update:29 Jul 2022

The operation of the vibrating grinder: 1. The loading and installation of the grinding machine drum: loosen the fasteners on the cover, remove the cover, put a certain amount of abrasive and work, grinding aids and water into the container, and install eight total The amount should be no more than 70% of the container. The water should be about 2-3 cm higher than the object. Then cover the lid, tighten the nut, and put it into the hopper where the container is installed. Press the pole and tighten the set screw.
2. Fixing of the central disc: For the convenience and safety of loading and unloading the drum, there are four claw openings (namely, the positioning opening of the brake lever) on the wall plate of the central disc barrel. Every time the drum is loaded or the drum is replaced, the brake must be used. The rod engages the desired position of the bayonet on the disc.
3. Grinding work of the grinding machine: Before grinding, pull out the brake lever, and at the same time, make a short-term operation inspection. After stopping, determine whether the drum is leaking, whether there is abnormal sound, whether the pole and its firmness are in place, etc.

Grinder grinding elements:
1. Machine
Centrifugal grinding machine is actually a high-speed drum Vibratory polishing machine. It is generally driven by a large plate (there are also two small) centrifugal polishing buckets to rotate at high speed, with large friction and good polishing effect. It is often used in vibrating polishing machines, Small parts that are not easy to be processed by the drum finishing machine; the eddy current machine is also a high-speed polishing machine. Through the rotation of the chassis, a strong overcurrent friction movement is formed, which is used for deburring, deburring and polishing of small parts.
2. Workpiece
Parts of the same material, parts of different specifications, and parts with different requirements also require different machines and grinding media. For example, the die-cast zinc alloy parts need to be descaled, and resin grinding stones should be used; while the stamped stainless steel parts need to be sharpened and deburred, then brown corundum grinding stones with large cutting force should be used…
3. Grinding medium
Grinding media include grinding stones, polishing stones, abrasives, gloss agents and other grinding and polishing materials. Each material has its own application range. For example, plastic grinding stones are used for soft materials, such as aluminum, zinc, copper, plastic, etc. In general, as long as you fully understand the performance and characteristics of the three elements of the grinding machine, you can effectively match them and achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.


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