Application characteristics and yellowing treatment of vibration grinding and polishing production line

Update:06 Jan 2021

The automatic production feature of the vibration grinding and polishing production line has brought tremendous changes to the current production and processing. The previous manual operations have been gradually replaced by machines. The following are the application characteristics of the vibration grinding and polishing production line:
1. The automatic grinding and polishing machine is completely composed of the production line, integrating grinding, cleaning and drying, with a high degree of automation;
2. The grinding and polishing machine can replace labor, which can perform deburring, deburring, deburring, chamfering, surface brightening, etc., while solving the problem of excessive labor costs, it can also effectively improve the quality of work;
3. The workpiece can complete all the processes at one time, which greatly reduces the bump rate of the product;
4. The production line is equipped with wastewater treatment device, which can be recycled and save resources;
5. The equipment is equipped with an automatic alarm device, which can find faults in time.
If you find that the vibrating grinder is yellowing during production, first check whether the surface finish of the abrasive used by the grinder is normal. In addition, the following processing must be performed:
1. If the abrasive material we use is steel ball, check whether it has perforation. If there is perforation, use alkaline brightener to self-grind for about 1H, and clean the machine fully. Do not use hard water to clean, and the time should be short, otherwise it will be the opposite.
2. The polishing time of the vibrating grinder is not enough, and the machine may not be clean enough, which may also cause yellowing;
3. Try to use brighteners, gloss agents, and polishing liquids for vibration grinders. If neutral or alkaline brighteners can be used, try to use such brighteners. The stability of the potion performance is better than that of acid.


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