Operation mode of drum grinder

Update:30 Dec 2020

Before starting the drum grinder, check whether the power connection is correct (this machine uses a three-compartment power supply, connected to a zero line, and the control box has a line sequence identification. The wiring should be identified correctly to prevent wrong connection. The machine should be connected to a ground Line, to solid safety), in the control panel, the equipment is ready for working time, then pour the grinding material into the drum, press the green start button, start the machine, and start the operation.

The rotating speed of the drum can be adjusted steplessly through the speed control rotary button on the panel. When the preset working time is reached, the equipment stops running by itself. This equipment uses the lifting handle (using the model that is driven by DaDa, press the lifting button to complete), dump the barrel to take out the grinding material, and rinse it.

Operation mode of drum grinder:

1. Before starting up and using, please check whether the power connection is correct, turn on the power and observe whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct. The equipment has a discharge product, which is used to discharge the mixture of product and abrasive. After the grinding is completed, a container (such as a normal rubber tray) can be rotated under the discharge product to hold the mixture

2. Water mill: Pour the product and abrasives into the drum, add abrasives, pay attention to the volume of the mixture should not exceed 60% of the capacity of the model, in order to facilitate rolling, and then press the upper cover tightly to prevent water leakage.

3. Dry polishing: Pour the product and dry polishing abrasives into the drum, add polishing paste, and the overall capacity should not exceed 60% of the model's capacity to facilitate rolling, and then press the upper cover tightly.

4. Everything is ready, adjust the grinding time and frequency, turn on the power and start the grinding operation.

Note for drum grinder equipment:

1. Pay attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof of the motor

2. Pay attention to the warranty of the power line. The power line must be covered with an insulating rubber tube to prevent leakage and short circuit from endangering personal safety

3. The conditions for placing the roller grinder equipment should be flat on the ground. If the vibration is large, the equipment can be fixed by anchor screws.


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