Pre-Plate Plastic Pre-Polishing Media

Brand Name: Mass Polishing
Business Type: Manufacturer
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Feature: Pre-plate
  Excellent for Softer Metals
  Wide Selections of Shapes & Sizes
 Application: Deburring Aluminum and Brass Parts
  Pre-Plating Finishing
  Removing Machining Lines
Payment Method: T/T
Delivery Time:  7 Days (Have in Stock) 
   15-25 Days (Out of Stock)
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  • Transform Your Surfaces with Plastic Media: The Secret to a Smooth, Polished Finish

    Revamp your surfaces with the magic of plastic media! These tiny beads of wonder are made from a variety of plastic materials and are designed to transform even the roughest and most irregular surfaces into smooth, polished masterpieces. From polishing to deburring and everything in between, plastic media can tackle any surface imperfections on metal, glass, and plastic components with ease. The plastic media works by delicately abrading the surface, removing any scratches, blemishes, or burrs, and leaving behind a uniform and radiant finish. Get ready to be wowed!


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