Light Cutting Ceramic Finishing Media

Brand Name: Mass Polishing
Business Type: Manufacturer
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Feature: Light Cutting
  Various Selections of Size & Shape
  Shorter Processing Time
 Application: 3D Printed Parts Post-processing
  Rust Removal on Iron Parts
  Removing Machining Marks
Payment Method: T/T
Delivery Time:  7 Days (Have in Stock) 
   15-25 Days (Out of Stock)
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  • Strong And Wear-Resistant

    Ceramic finishing media shines as the star performer in many mass finishing scenarios. Its remarkable density packs a powerful punch, delivering relentless pressure to workpieces during their journey to perfection. But the story doesn't end there - with longevity that outlasts the competition, ceramic finishing media proves to be the total package.



    Ceramic media data.001Ceramic media data.002Ceramic media data.003