Extra Finish Ceramic Polishing Media

Brand Name: Mass Polishing
Business Type: Manufacturer
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Feature: Extra Finish
  Shorter Processing Time
  Heavier Than Most Tumbling Media
 Application: Steel and Titanium Deburring
  Edge Rounding
  Removing Slag and Grease on Laser Cutting Parts
Payment Method: T/T
Delivery Time:  7 Days (Have in Stock) 
   15-25 Days (Out of Stock)
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  • Chips-Free Processing

    Unrelenting abrasive power. With this consistency comes the ability to work tirelessly, allowing you to tackle even the most demanding tasks. And, when the time comes to switch things up, a simple size separation ensures that these trusty media won't get stuck in nooks and crannies. So go ahead, take on any challenge with confidence, knowing that your ceramic abrasive media have got your back.


    Ceramic Media Data

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