The Vibratory Polishing Machine are simple to use

Update:10 Feb 2023

Designed to deburr and polish small and medium size components such as brass, steel, aluminum, copper and plastic parts. These machines are available in both bench model sizes for smaller batches and massive tub and bowl style systems for larger batch size deburring or mass finishing.

These types of vibratory tumbling equipment systems remove material from pockets and recesses, bores, and inside cavities on delicate parts without damaging them, making them the most ideal for these applications. They are also highly customizable based on the specific finish needed, whether it's heavy burr removal or a fine mirror-image polishing process for pre-plate surface finishes.

Vibratory tumbling equipment is commonly batch tubs, round bowls or thru-feed machines that deliver a vibratory finish that is unattainable by hand. The process is a combination of rubbing the workpieces, media and compounds in a rotating bowl or tub that causes the mixture to grind and turn against each other.

The most popular type of vibratory tumbling equipment is the barrel tumbler. These units work well for aggressive burr removal, as they are the most affordable and versatile type of vibratory equipment available.

They are simple to use and require very little maintenance. This makes them a perfect choice for any small batch production process. They are also easy to customize to your specific needs and can handle a broad range of materials, including steel, aluminum and copper. They also offer many productivity and cost savings benefits.


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