Take you to understand Vibratory Polishing Machine

Update:03 Mar 2023

A vibratory polishing machine is a type of mass finishing equipment that creates smooth, consistent finishes for multiple parts or products at the same time. The process is incredibly efficient and productive, helping you to complete more work without sacrificing quality or uptime.

small vibratory finishing machine

small vibratory finishing machine

Vibratory Tumbling Systems
As the name implies, a vibratory tumbling system consists of a bowl that is filled with media and works on a rolling motion to deburr, radius, or polish workpieces. In most cases, the bowl is over a meter in diameter and includes components on the underside that sit on springs.

Barrel Tumblers
A barrel tumbler is a very popular choice for removing burrs, rust, and debris from metal workpieces. This type of mass finishing equipment is suitable for heavy duty loads and can be fully automated for a flow-through operation or used as a basic batch operation.

Vibratory Finishers
A vibratory finisher is an excellent way to remove burrs and radius edges from a range of materials including titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass. They can also be used to burnish, radius, and finish a variety of surfaces. They’re an incredibly efficient and cost-effective method for finishing many different types of metallic and non-metallic workpieces.


Mass Finishing Machines and Tumbling Media