How to choose the right polishing machine

Update:18 Feb 2021

Many friends ask how to choose a suitable polishing machine? Different raw materials or main purposes after polishing are different, and the machines used are different. You can choose the suitable one according to the actual main purpose of polishing. Today, I will talk about how to choose a suitable polishing machine.

The raw materials that are often polished are generally iron or stainless steel plates. Stainless steel pipes are relatively easy to polish. Compared with iron pipes, stainless steel plates can be polished with a small and medium-sized polishing machine. If the smoothness is specified High, you can use multiple polishing machines; pure fire raw materials, the surface strength is relatively high, rough polishing can remove surface residues with one set of polishing, and fine polishing should use about 5 sets of polishing machines. Actually, you can consult the hotline.

Polished iron pipes are waxed and polished, and it is less necessary to use about 3 groups. If it is only used for rough polishing or to remove the rust on the upper side, a small and medium-sized polishing machine can be used. If you are not sure which polishing machine to use, you can contact people by phone and they will explain in detail every problem you clearly raised.

What should people pay attention to when applying polishing machines? The net editor told everyone that after turning on the machine, put the workpiece into the polishing bucket from less to pouring more. The size of the workpiece is related to the net weight and the body shape of the workpiece. Therefore, the workpiece is gradually put in to lift, and the workpiece rotates slowly. However, the workpiece cannot be left unmoved. When the workpiece does not move or rotate, the polished product liquid will be uneven, and the polishing time will increase with the excess.

Do not splash liquid and water into the cable and plug top when using the polishing machine. The switching power supply of the W model specification machine needs to be modified with an overcurrent power switch, and it is recommended to use about 10A. After turning on the power switch, check whether the air-conditioning cooling fan on the back cover is operating normally. P-type machine does not need to work under long-term high frequency, lightning strike will cause damage to the machine.

If you want to increase the service life of the polishing machine, the usual maintenance is very important. The polishing bucket has water seepage, and the bottom thorns have polishing needles that can be removed with needle-nose pliers. Can count down. Please add water immediately when the water in the polishing bucket is overheated (all the normal temperature range is 50°C). The machine vibrates greatly. Check whether each corner of the machine is at the reaction force of the support and adjust the length. It also indicates that everything is normal, but the machine is not working, check whether the working voltage is less than 220V; whether the polishing needle is placed excessively.


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