Analysis and Solution of Vibration Grinder's Shock Absorption and Its Yellowing Phenomenon

Update:12 Aug 2022

Vibration grinder is a common grinding equipment on the market, which oscillates during operation. However, in some daily processing, products that require high precision often stop deep processing, then excessive vibration will lead to processing failure. Therefore, when the vibration grinder is grinding precision molds, the headache may be the grinding machine of the vibration grinder. vibration.

Because the vibration of the machine tool directly affects the function of mold processing, such as ripples, surface finish, if it is precision molding and grinding, making plug-in connector molds, cutting grooves, etc., the machine vibration foundation cannot dress the grinding wheel, because sometimes The grinding wheel is required to be trimmed to a thickness of 0.1-0.13mm, and the grinding wheel is almost transparent. If the grinding machine has a little vibration and other unstable factors, the grinding wheel will burst.

If the vibrating mill appears yellowing in production, generally first check whether the surface finish of the abrasive used in the vibrating mill is normal. If the abrasive material you use is steel balls, please check whether there is perforation. If so, please self-grind with an alkaline brightener for about 1H, and fully clean the machine. Do not use hard water. The opposite.

The time of vibration polishing of the vibrating grinder is not enough or the cleaning in the machine is not enough, which will also cause the same problem; whether the used brightener, gloss agent or polishing liquid has quality problems, generally if neutral or alkaline brightener can be used, try to use it as much as possible. Using neutral or alkaline brighteners, the stability of potion performance is better than that of acidic ones. Welcome to Baozhen to inquire about various grinding problems. We are professional in grinding.
If your product is first polished by hand, please confirm whether the oxide scale on the surface of the product is completely polished, resulting in inconsistent gloss or sufficient gloss after vibration polishing on the surface of the product. The normal stability of the vibrating grinder can be guaranteed only by checking in detail in many aspects.


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