How to use barrel polishing machine

Update:24 Dec 2020

Some friends may not know very well about the barrel polishing machine, because it is not very commonly used in daily life, so if we need to use it, we don't know how to operate it. So how to operate the polishing machine, what is the method. Today, the editor of the barrel polishing machine brings you the steps of using the barrel polishing machine and shares the purchasing skills of the polishing machine.
How to use barrel polishing machine
1. (Prelude to homework):
      1. First, clean up the sanitation around the work site, clean up the unused objects, clean up the objects that are not related to the work, and discharge the ready-to-use workpieces in a proper place.
      2. Check the whole polishing machine, whether there is any abnormality in the operation of the polishing machine when the power is turned on, and debug the looseness of the fixing bolts.
      3. The polishing machine operating tools have complete conditions.
2. (Normal operation):
       1. During the operation of the polishing machine, it must be operated in accordance with the requirements of the polishing machine.
       2. The operator shall not wear gloves during the normal operation of the polishing machine. This is an express regulation in the industry.
       3. The operator must self-check the effect of the processed items at any time to check whether there are any abnormalities in the processed workpieces, such as deformation, fronting, imprints and other undesirable effects. It is more necessary to maintain communication with relevant staff at any time to prevent serious errors.
        4. The working of the polishing machine is normal and abnormal. As an operator, you can feel or hear the abnormal sound of the machine. Of course, you must stop working immediately and eliminate the malfunction before normal operation.
        5. Professional professional operation is beneficial to both people and polishing machine.
3. (Aftermath work):
  1. After stopping work, keep the area around the polishing machine clean and clean up the production waste in time.
  2. Place the operating tool to the set position, arrange and arrange the processed product workpieces, and place them in the appropriate position.
  3. Turn off the power, and unplug the device.


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