Key to the success of finishing process

Update:10 Dec 2020

There are four very important factors to get a good finishing result as your expected:selection of right polishing machine,right abrasive stone,right polishing agent and use the appropriate process.Selection of good quality polishing machine,abrasive stone,polishing agent and set an appropriate polishing process are very important factors.

Selection of abrasive stone(Media)

1.Shape and size:

Before starting the polishing process,it is important to get well known of the concave,edge angle,shape and size of gap of the workpiece surface.The selection of the abrasive stone depends on these factors.Convenience for sifting workpiece out also should be taken into consideration.


It is very important to get well known of workpiece feature,such as material,hardness and density.The selection of tha abrasive stone depends on these factors.Hardness and density of abrasive stone must watch with the hardness and density of workpiece,otherwise the abrasive stone can not grind or polish workpiece and may scratch workpiece due to the impact.


For the different purpose requirement should select different type and function abrasive stone and polishing process,such as deburring,chamfering,polishing and etc.


Select right polishing process and ratio of the abrasive stone and workpiece are very important,otherwise it may damage the workpiece due to impact and scratch.The ratio depends on requirement,material and shape of the workpiece.The general ratio is get a better or mirror-like surface tha ratio should be 10:1 or more.


Mass Finishing Machines and Tumbling Media