Advantages of vibrating grinder

Update:15 Jul 2022

The three-dimensional vibration grinding machine mainly has several advantages

Vibration grinder: The main purpose is to remove burrs, polish and clean metal rusted or oxidized surfaces on the surfaces, holes, teeth and other parts of metal or hard plastic precision parts. This machine is widely used in jewelry crafts, precision medical devices, electronics, machinery manufacturing and many other industries.

Below we briefly introduce the main advantages of the vibrating grinder:
1. Protect the workpiece: The workpiece is in the liquid to reduce mutual collision. The steel needle flows at a high speed and shuttles between the workpieces, which can achieve the purpose of polishing the surface of the workpiece without damaging the workpiece.

2. All-round polishing: Due to the use of small magnetized stainless steel needles as abrasive materials, it can polish the dead corners, cracks and small holes of irregular parts.
3. Easy to operate: Just put the container with parts, abrasives and polishing liquid on the workbench, set various parameters, press the start button, and the task can be completed automatically without no one.
4. Cost reduction: Abrasive materials are semi-permanent consumables. Unless they are lost, they do not need to be added frequently. Only the grinding water needs to be replaced every day. The operating cost is much lower than other polishing and grinding equipment.
5. Noise reduction: The high-speed magnetic field of the vibrating grinder drives the steel needle to move regularly, and there is almost no collision between the workpieces. In addition, the liquid also greatly reduces the noise.


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