Vibration grinder price system maintenance precautions

Update:15 Jun 2022

Vibration grinder price system maintenance precautions

When using the vibration grinder, the first thing to pay attention to is the motor. The motor voltage is 380V, the Z high frequency is 50HZ, and the maximum current intensity is not more than 15A. It must be within this range when using it. The purpose of the system maintenance of the vibrating grinder is to ensure the safety of the grinding operation. The following four keys should be paid attention to:

1. After the motor of the Vibratory Tumbler is started, if the motor does not have a starting response in an instant, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and it can be used normally after the fault is eliminated. If the motor exhibits dry noise or high temperature (over 80°C), it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

2. The operating time of the equipment reaches 300 hours, and new oil should be replaced. In addition, it needs to be checked regularly during use. If there is less oil, it should be replenished in time; if it is deteriorated or aged, it should be replaced immediately.

3. For the smoothness of the related accessories of the grinder, it is strictly forbidden to mix different brands or types of lubricating oils.

4. Before changing the oil in the vibrating grinder, first remove the oil inside the reduction box, and then inject new oil.


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