How to reduce noise pollution of automatic polishing machine

Update:29 Oct 2021

Most mechanical equipment will make some noise during operation, but if the noise is too loud, it will interfere with people's normal work and even damage people's hearing. Therefore, once it is found that a certain mechanical equipment is too noisy, it must be dealt with in time to avoid serious consequences. Generally speaking, the noise generated by the automatic polishing machine cannot be completely eliminated, but can only be reduced. Then how to reduce the noise pollution of the automatic polishing machine?

For a simple example, the power lines on the motherboard of the three-box power supply are all interrupted. Then you need to find some professional electricians to repair it. After the entire device is not used for a period of time, a series of dust will accumulate on their surface. In this case, the bearings of the equipment may not rotate, so in actual use, there will be more or less noise.
How to determine the noise of the automatic polishing machine requires constant touch with your hands. If you feel that the automatic polishing machine is very noisy or feels hot, it means that the motor has been damaged at this time, and when the automatic polishing machine is working If the noise is generated during the process, it is much larger than before. The entire polishing disc will vibrate slightly, and the bearing will be damaged. Therefore, when the turntable does not rotate, the automatic polishing machine will definitely make noises. , This time you need to use a dial indicator to adjust.
The above is the effective means to reduce the noise pollution of the automatic polishing machine. Under normal circumstances, the automatic polishing machine produces a lot of noise because of a problem with an internal part. The noise can be effectively reduced as long as the solution is solved, so you don’t need too much Too panic.


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