ED240F High Energy Centrifugal Disk Finishing Machine

Brand Name: Mass Polishing
Business Type: Manufacturer
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Certificates: CE
Applicable Industry: Home Use, Manufacturing Plant
Model Number: ED Series
Power Supply: Customized
Packing Details: Fumigated Wooden Case
After-sales Service: Video Technical Support, Spare Parts Support
Payment Method: T/T
Delivery Time: 7 Days (Have in Stock) 
  15-25 Days (Out of Stock)
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  • A powerful mass finishing technology – vibratory finishing machines

    Each of our Vibratory Tumbling Machines are easy to operate and high efficient. Four different models with a range of different bowl sizes and options. Mass Polishing Rotary Vibrators offer excellent performance and maximum cost effectiveness to meet a wide range of applications such as deburring, polishing, cleaning, descaling, radiusing, burnishing and other finishing technology.


  • Features

    >Heavy duty bowl welded from high quality steel

    >Cast polyurethane lining, not sprayed on

    >Powerful & Zero maintenance motor to increase productivity

    >Easy operation & reduced labor costs

  • Technical Data

    Model PD 20 PD 20-2 PD 20-3 PD 38 PD 38-2 PD 38-3 PD 50
    Capacity(L) 20 20X2 20X3 38 38X2 38X3 50
    L X W X H  (mm) 720x800x1450 1180x800x1450 1700x800x1450 900x820x1450 1500x820x1450 2150x820x1450 1450x2000x2350
    Chamber Diameter  (mm)  325 325 325 410 410 410 490
    Barrel Speed  (mm) 450 450 450 400 400 400 380
    Motor Power & Speed (KW & RPM) 0.75 & 1380 0.75x2 & 1380 0.75x3 & 1380 2.2 & 1430 2.2x2 & 1430 2.2x3 & 1430 2.2 & 1430
    Weight(kg) 140 240 330 220 370 530 650
    Touch Screen Control Panel Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Voltage Single Phase
    Single Phase
    Single Phase
    Three Phases
    Three Phases
    Three Phases
    Three Phases


  • Model range


    >“E” Electromagnetic inverter motor

    >“F” Frequency inverter motor

    >“A” Automatic (Unloading, Separating)





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