What preparations should be made before using the polishing machine?

Update:20 Oct 2021

Before the polishing machine is turned on, adjust the forward and reverse rotations. If it is reversed, you need to exchange two of the live wires. The following points should be done before polishing:
1. The contact surface between the workpiece and the polishing wheel should be adjusted first, and the swing switch of the control panel should be adjusted to on, and then the manual should be turned to manual automatically, and then the manual forward button should be activated.

2. If the feed position of the worktable is not ideal when moving forward, it can be adjusted to work such as the following travel switch, and lock it after adjustment.
3. If the polishing wheel is not pressed to the workpiece, the handle wheel needs to be adjusted. The new polishing wheel should be smoothed, otherwise it will cause large jumps, and the product after polishing is not ideal. Furthermore, it should be tightened when installing the polishing wheel. , There should be no looseness, otherwise the polishing wheel will run left and right during polishing.



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