What Is a Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine?

Update:07 Apr 2023

A Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is a machine that uses a number of barrels to perform different types of finishing, including deburring, polishing, and deflashing. These machines use a turret assembly to rotate the barrels, which triggers high-speed centrifugal forces that can remove burrs and smooth surfaces.

These machines have an advantage over manual finishing methods because they provide a consistent, even surface finish that is difficult to achieve by hand. Moreover, they can be used to finish multiple parts at the same time.

small vibratory finishing machine

small vibratory finishing machine

The machine consists of three or four barrels that are mounted horizontally between the turret wheel and can be powered on by turning the turret. A single turn of the turret will make all four barrels complete one cycle of rotation.

When using a Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine, you need to understand the proper way to set the rotational speed. This is essential to achieving the desired results, and can cause damage to parts if not done properly.

In addition, it is important to balance the machine. This is necessary to prevent the turret from "walking" and to reduce part-on-part contact, which can damage cosmetically-sensitive parts.

Depending on your needs, you may need to finish your parts in a particular order. For example, you might need to deburr first before polishing to eliminate flashes.

Whether you need to remove flashes or bring a high-gloss shine to your workpiece, you can get the job done with Inovatec’s centrifugal barrel finishing machine. The machine can support various abrasives media, including ceramic media, stainless steel media, plastic media, porcelain media, corn cob media, walnut shells and zirconia balls.


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