What factors are related to the stability of the polishing machine

Update:20 Jan 2021

Regular maintenance and inspection of the polishing machine can keep the automatic polishing machine in a good production operation state to ensure the normal production. Therefore, engineers must consider the versatility of the automatic polishing machine when designing. The inverter is installed in the electric control cabinet. For the power drive device of the cloth wheel motor, it is a static device composed of semiconductor devices. The use environment such as temperature, dust, shock, etc. will affect the aging and life of the product. Therefore, it must be Ensure that the electric control cabinet is clean, clean and dust-free.

In the production, if non-standard according to detailed objects. Then you can only polish flat objects. The indispensability of the polishing liquid is determined by the polishing effect. Do you know what role the polishing liquid plays in the polishing process of the polishing machine, or it is designed as a multifunctional automatic polishing machine. To

It is difficult to distinguish between general-purpose models and special-purpose models. Then, disconnect the main circuit breaker of the electric control cabinet of the polishing machine, and then disconnect the miniature circuit breakers of each circuit.

The physical characteristics of the object processed by the polishing machine can be simply divided into: flat automatic polishing machine, spherical automatic polishing machine, curved surface automatic polishing machine, steel belt automatic polishing machine, profiling automatic polishing machine, turntable automatic polishing machine, CNC automatic polishing machine, Disc automatic polishing machine, plastic automatic polishing machine, metal automatic polishing machine, acrylic automatic polishing machine, etc. There are differences between general and special models.

The use of polishing liquid can completely avoid scratches caused by the reunion of particles during the polishing process and reduce the defective rate, mainly because the particles are dispersed in the polishing liquid in the form of single crystal particles! It can also avoid the deposition and condensation of polishing particles inside the polishing machine and polishing skin, and reduce the damage to the equipment!

The polishing liquid adopts the principle of chemical action, which is more advantageous than the traditional polishing powder, and it has a significant improvement in the promotion of production efficiency! The polishing particles are smaller (nano-level), which improves the polishing accuracy and can achieve a better polishing effect!

Simply using a polishing machine may not achieve a good polishing effect, so many people choose to use a polishing liquid to polish objects. Because the control contactor is frequently turned on and off when the equipment is working, visual inspection must ensure that the contacts are in good contact and the wiring terminals are not allowed to be loose. The current setting of the thermal relay as a protective electrical idea should be appropriate and meet the protection requirements.

Accurate use and maintenance of the equipment can extend the service life of the equipment and improve the efficiency in mechanical processing and production. Therefore, on weekends, the electric control cabinet should generally be cleaned and maintained, and the dust in the inverter should be blown out with a leather tiger.



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