What are the characteristics of the vibration grinder

Update:19 Nov 2020

Compared with the three-dimensional vibration grinder, the two-dimensional vibration grinder lacks the three-dimensional vibration function; when the workpiece, the shaped grinding block, the chemical grinding fluid and water are put into the container of the polishing machine in a certain proportion. Then start the vibration motor. The upper and lower ends of the vibration motor shaft are equipped with eccentric iron blocks, and their projections on the horizontal plane form a right angle to each other. When the vibration motor rotates at a high speed, the two eccentric blocks generate an exciting force (centrifugal force) that changes in the circumferential direction in the horizontal plane. , So that the body produces circular motion in the horizontal plane, and at the same time, the excitation force does not pass through the center of mass of the body.

As a result, an exciting moment (ie dumping moment) is generated to make the container swing around the horizontal axis. Because the bottom of the container is in the shape of a ring and the amplitude of each point is inconsistent, the shaped grinding block and the workpiece in the container revolve both on the vertical central axis and around the circle. The center of the ring rolls, and its composite motion is a circular spiral motion. At the same time, the container has a helix angle. The shaped grinding block and the workpiece slide upward along the spiral surface, so that the workpiece and the shaped grinding block increase friction during movement and improve the finishing efficiency.

When the vibration grinder motor is running, the eccentric weight transmits the vibration to the grinding groove, causing vertical and horizontal vibration of the grinding groove, so that the abrasive and the workpiece spirally move in the grinding groove to achieve the effect of grinding and polishing.

Features of Vibration Grinding Machine:

First, the world's advanced spiral three-dimensional space motion principle is adopted to make the parts and the barrel polishing tool grind each other.

Second, it is suitable for the finishing process of a large number of small and medium-sized parts, and improves the work efficiency by 6-10 times.

Third, the processing process does not damage the size and shape of the original parts.


Fourth, it can be automated, unmanned operation, easy to operate, and the processing of parts can be checked at any time during the work process.

Fifth, the inner lining is made of PU material, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.



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