Use and maintenance of vibration polishing machine

Update:16 Dec 2020

Maintenance is essential during the use of the vibration polishing machine. In order to enable the vibration polishing machine to be modified, there are also certain requirements in the daily use process.

For example, temperature and humidity, vibration frequency, voltage size, frequency and other interferences will make the vibrating light decoration machine not operate ideally. Therefore, when installing the machine tool, it should be strictly in accordance with the regulations to be consistent with the manual, and fully meet the mechanical installation conditions and corresponding requirements. . If economic conditions permit, the vibration polishing machine should be installed separately from ordinary machinery or processing equipment to facilitate future repairs and maintenance.

Secondly, to operate the finishing machine, there must be practical and professional personnel to avoid unnecessary damage to the finishing machine. Because these operators are very familiar with mechanical parts, power equipment, electronic control systems, hydraulics, pneumatics and other different parts and the requirements of the use environment, processing conditions, etc., and can correctly use and maintain the vibration polishing machine according to the requirements of the mechanical and system operating instructions.

If the vibration polishing machine is not used for a long time, in the corresponding maintenance, you should power on the equipment for a period of time when the vibration polishing machine is not used, and let the machine run dry. The humidity of the air during the rainy season is very high. Such a climate machine should be kept energized, and use the electronic components in the machine to run and generate heat to achieve the function of dehumidifying and evaporating water vapor to keep dry, so as to extend the service life of the polishing machine and increase the equipment and The stability of components.


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