The structure and key functions of the stainless steel cylindrical polishing machine

Update:21 May 2021

In the past, it was found that the wear-resistant material was made into a disk-shaped tablet computer or the wear-resistant material particles were installed on the disk or transmission belt to make it work, and then the leveled and polished surface could be placed on it to get a different level. . Flatness and chromaticity, and can save human resources and improve work efficiency. Along with the development trend of electromechanical engineering industrial production, the latest development trend of this method has become a variety of contemporary mechanical equipment polishing technology.
The stainless steel cylindrical polishing machine constitutes the structure and key functions. The stainless steel automatic cylindrical polishing machine consists of the human body, the fixed organization of the workpiece, the polishing lifting mechanism, the loading and unloading organization, the specification and model adjustment organization and the automatic control system.
1. Overall body: It is made of steel structure welded chain, with sufficient compressive strength to ensure compact structure, beautiful appearance design, and stable operation of security.
2. Workpiece immobilization organization: Installed on the whole body, its effect is to immobilize the seamless steel pipe so that the polishing head is aligned with the smooth ends of the workpiece.

3. Polishing lifting mechanism: select stepless speed reduction and electric speed reduction, and according to the sprocket chain transmission system to drive the polishing head back and forth, the walking speed can be adjusted.
4. Steel pipe model adjustment organization: positioning the frame according to the accuracy of the lifter workpiece, so that the management middle aspect ratio of the workpiece is consistent with the management middle height of the polishing head.
5. Automatic control system: PLC programmable control equipment as the control module, the system controls the whole process of automatic polishing. In the "manual/automatic" mode: the manual mode can be carried out in one posture to easily adjust the size of the workpiece. The automatic situation can adjust the whole polishing process and complete the automatic control of the whole polishing process.


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