The advantages of the three-dimensional vibration polishing machine

Update:06 Aug 2021

 When we buy polishing equipment, we must first clarify the specific requirements. What are the specific requirements? First of all, we must be able to ensure the quality of the equipment, as well as the stability at work. Only by satisfying two aspects can we be more efficient at work. Then it is necessary to understand how much the output power of the equipment is, why should we understand this aspect? Also because a large part of the output power determines the speed of our equipment, the three-dimensional vibration polishing machine has stable performance.
Especially the speed, the speed of many equipment on the market is very slow, which is very time-consuming, so we need to buy a device with a short processing time. Of course, the trend of the times is unquestionable, and that is the issue of environmental protection.

60L 2Cft China Vibratory Deburring Machine
Nowadays, there are more and more users and manufacturers using various small parts of electronics, instruments and meters, daily-use hardware, jewelry, and handicrafts. But the burrs of these parts are also very troublesome for users and manufacturers. Affecting the assembly, it is not realistic to use people to deburr the burrs on the accessories, but this requires the use of a vibration (polishing machine) grinder.
  Small seam deburring is more complicated than general internal hole polishing. Mainly reflected in the design of the tooling, we need to ensure that the fluid abrasive can be evenly ground at both ends of the crevice, and after flowing out from the inner hole, there is still room to polish the crevice on the outer wall. At the same time, the fixture needs to maintain a certain margin to prevent excessive extrusion and loss of accuracy of the workpiece. To achieve the above, it is necessary to have rich design experience and sufficient accumulation of big data. These are the advantages of Smack fluid polishing machine.


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