Operation method of polishing machine

Update:02 Dec 2020

For the polishing machine, some friends may not know it very well, because it is not very commonly used in daily life, so if we need to use it, we don't know how to operate it. So how to operate the polishing machine, what is the method? Today I will bring you the steps of using the polishing machine.
Correct operation specification of polishing machine 1. (Prelude to operation):
1. First, clean the work site, clean up the sanitation around the work, sort out the unused objects, clean up the objects that are not related to the work, and discharge the ready-to-use workpieces to a proper location.
2. Check the whole polishing machine, check whether there is any abnormality in the operation of the polishing machine when the power is turned on, and debug the looseness of the fixing bolts.
3. The polishing machine operating tools have complete conditions.
2. (Normal operation):
1. During the operation of the polishing machine, it must be operated in accordance with the requirements of the polishing machine.
2. Operators are not allowed to wear gloves during normal operation of the polishing machine. This is an express regulation in the industry.
3. The operator must self-check the effect of the processed items at any time to check whether there are any abnormalities in the processed workpiece, such as deformation, flank, and imprints, etc., and it is more necessary to maintain communication with relevant staff at any time to prevent serious errors.
4. The working of the polishing machine is normal or abnormal. As an operator, you can feel or hear the abnormal sound of the machine. Of course, you must stop working immediately and eliminate the malfunction before normal operation.
5. Professional operation by professionals is beneficial to people and polishing machines.
3. (Aftermath work):
1. After stopping work, keep the area around the polishing machine clean and clean up the production garbage in time.
2. Place the operating tool at the set position, arrange and arrange the processed product workpieces, and put them in the proper position.
3. Turn off the power and unplug the equipment.
Use steps of polishing machine
1. Turn on and turn on the "emergency stop" button;
2. Adjust the card position of the water tank to properly lock the water tank, record the data of each card position, and take pictures of the position of the caliper (Note: align the water hole with the center of the turntable);
3. Number the program name and "reset" to the original position;
4. Adjust the depth of the grinding wheel, pay attention to adjusting the lower limit position of the sensor and the position of the screw;
5. Clear the existing data "Data to zero", press "Debug stop", "Debug start" light is on, and debugging starts, the steps are as follows:
①"In front of the grinding wheel", move the grinding wheel forward to an appropriate position;
②"Workpiece is positive" rotates the workpiece by a certain angle;
③"Behind the grinding wheel", move the grinding wheel back to an appropriate position so that the grinding wheel is in close contact with the arc of the sink.
6. After finishing debugging the polishing machine, "monitor" the data to check if there is any abnormal data. If so, amend it;
7. After the correction is completed, press "Start debugging", the debugging start light is off, and the debugging ends; adjust to the "automatic" gear, then "reset", turn on the "automatic start", and try to throw the water tank;
8. Check the polishing effect, make corrections, and complete debugging.
Precautions for the use of the polishing machine 1. The polishing machine should not be used if the following situations are found:
1. The operator has not received professional training.
2. The operator has not learned the "Safety Operating Regulations".
3. The polishing machine is not working properly.
2. Before using the polishing machine, check the environment as follows:
1. Keep the hands and feet of the operator away from the rotating polishing head.
2. The operator must not step on the power cord or entangle the power cord in the polishing head.
3. The operator must dress safely.
4. The polishing area shall not exceed the length of the power cord.
5. The operator is not allowed to take off the operating handle without authorization.
6. When the machine is stopped, the handle can only be released after the polishing machine completely stops rotating.
7. Do not use polishing pads with dust and dirt.
8. When the polishing pad with too much dirt cannot be cleaned, it should be replaced in time.
9. When replacing or installing the polishing pad, the power must be cut off.
Three, storage of polishing machine
1. Cut off the power supply.
2. Tilt back and store the rear wheel on the ground.
3. It should not be stored outdoors, and should be stored in a dry place.
The polishing machine must pay attention to safety when operating, because its speed is very fast, so you must be very careful when operating it, otherwise it will cause serious unsafe factors to yourself. The use of high-speed polishing machine must be professionally trained before it can be operated, because it has a lot of points to pay attention to, a little carelessness will cause safety hazards, so you must be professionally checked when operating, so that you are responsible for your own safety .



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