How to use a small round tube polishing machine and what problems should be paid attention to

Update:27 May 2021

There are many types of polishing machines. Small round tube polishing machines are a type of polishing machine. Polishing machines are used in machinery and automobile industries. There are also many types of cylindrical polishing machines. The main difference lies in the light wheel group. The number of polishing wheels, one set of polishing wheels or multiple sets of polishing wheels, as well as the outer circle polishing machine with a guard, is intended to protect the safety of the operators.

If you are not an operator or you are not trained, we cannot operate without someone to avoid danger. During the polishing process, do not reach into the polishing area. The machine must be turned off when replacing or modifying the polishing wheel. , Wait for complete continuous work before proceeding.
The power supply and wire interface of the polishing machine must be protected to avoid any shortcomings caused by splashing water. After polishing is completed, turn off the main power supply, and clean the machine and the surrounding area, and fill the smooth part of the machine with smooth oil. If there is an emergency or shortcoming during operation, immediately turn off the machine and disconnect the power supply before proceeding.
When in use, use the small polishing machine correctly in accordance with the above requirements to improve the efficiency of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.


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