How to install the polishing machine scientifically?

Update:15 Sep 2021

In order to prolong the service life of the automatic polishing machine, in addition to paying attention to the relevant precautions in the actual use process, regular maintenance work must be carried out on it to ensure the normal operation of the automatic polishing machine. First of all, we also need to scientifically install the polishing machine.
1. First, it is necessary to analyze the soil pressure resistance and water level of the installation site. The installation and use requirements of the stainless steel automatic polishing machine must be met before the installation plan can be determined.
2. When installing the polishing machine, try to clean the ground to avoid inconvenient cleaning after the machine is installed.

3. The installation should avoid high-voltage transmission lines to avoid interference to the electronic polishing machine.
4. It is necessary to have an independent power supply to avoid sharing with other high-power electrical appliances.
5. The installation of the polishing machine requires a relatively spacious installation site, and it is important to have enough operating space.
6. In rainy, humid, saline and other areas, the polishing machine cannot be installed on the ordinary muddy ground, otherwise many issues such as ventilation and drainage need to be considered.
7. Installation of the polishing machine must not be installed on the tuyere, otherwise the polishing machine will not operate well when the wind is blowing.


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