How to deal with the use of round tube polishing machine

Update:15 Nov 2021

The round tube polishing machine is mainly used for the rust removal and polishing of hardware manufacturing, vehicle accessories, steel and wood furniture, exterior machinery, standard parts, and before and after electroplating. It is the best choice for polishing round tubes, round rods, and slender shafts. However, it is inevitable to encounter low power conditions in use.

How should we solve the problem of low polishing power when the situation occurred at that time? First of all, the polishing process can be carried out as two processes, rough polishing and fine polishing. Rough polishing can remove the damage layer on the surface and can use a larger polishing rate; fine polishing is to remove the damage caused by rough polishing.
And play the role of glazing, this process should pay attention to avoid too much pressure to produce new wear marks. The round tube polishing machine can add some fine powder suspension when polishing, so that the workpiece can maintain a certain humidity, and play the role of weakening the polishing wear mark. The conflicting heat during the polishing process will make the workpiece heat up.
The lubrication effect is reduced. If the humidity is too low, dark spots may appear and damage the appearance. During rough polishing, the speed should not exceed 600 revolutions per minute. After rough polishing, the surface is lubricated. Further fine polishing can complete the entire polishing process.


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