How to choose polishing abrasive for polishing machine

Update:14 May 2021

The polishing machine is a kind of equipment that is widely used in the processing of hardware and electronic components. It has a wide range of applications. It can replace manual polishing and increase power. For example, it can be used for surface polishing of various stainless steel cylindrical containers. The polishing speed can reach 8-10m2 per hour. In the operation process of automatic polishing machine, the polishing abrasive of the polishing machine is very important, it directly affects the polishing effect of the product, so it is necessary to select the polishing abrasive with suitable characteristics according to the requirements of the polishing element.

Automatic polishing machines generally choose polishing abrasives with relatively high durability, and grind materials with lower tensile strength. It is beneficial to choose silicon carbide-based abrasives with greater toughness. In addition, the material of the workpiece must be considered. When selecting polishing abrasives, the hardness of the workpiece material is an important consideration. Normally, the hardness of the polishing abrasive is 2-4 times higher than the hardness of the workpiece, otherwise, the hardness is lower. In the high-speed cutting process, the abrasive will be quickly passivated and lose the cutting ability, so that the durability of the grinding wheel is too low, which affects the cutting power, and the processing quality cannot be guaranteed.


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